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Kill The Kingpin

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Mar 25, 2020


Fight your way through the Kingpin’s fearsome henchmen to finally bring him down!

This fast-paced top down shooter features deadly gun-play, destruction physics, and a teleport system. Master these mechanics to beat the time limit in each level and dominate your foes! But watch out! You die in one hit!

As per popular demand I have disabled the time limits and toned down the visual effects.

Update 2:
The field of view effect can now be disabled, and defaults to off. Press the ‘O’ key at any time to re-enable it.

Additionally, I’d like to note that this game requires WebGL 2.0 support to run – so if you are getting the message “Your browser does not support any of the required graphics api for this content” that is why. You will need a GPU which supports WebGL 2.0 (pretty much all recent processors do) and an up to date version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge to get past this problem.

You can view the full WebGL 2.0 browser compatibility list here:


Left click: Fire machine gun
Right click: Fire shotgun
WASD: Movement
Hold space bar: Enter teleport mode
Release space bar: Leave teleport mode
R: Reset level
P: Toggle advanced post-processing

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